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Reliance Jio overtakes Airtel to become India's No.2 telecom company


NEW DELHI: Nearly two-and-a-half years after launching mobile phone services, Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio has overtaken Bharti Airtel's subscriber base to emerge as the second-largest telecom company in the country.

新德里:在推出移动电话服务近两年半之后,穆凯什•安巴尼旗下的信实Jio已超过Bharti Airtel的用户规模,成为印度第二大电信公司。

Jio, which has a customer base of 30.6 crore, now trails only Vodafone-Idea. Airtel has 28.4 crore subscribers while Vodafone-Idea had announced that it had 38.7 crore subscribers in December 2018.


A telecom industry analyst said that the pace of growth of Jio’s subscriber additions may see the company overtake Vodafone-Idea in the coming quarters. “Vodafone-Idea is the most vulnerable of the three private players in the market, and it may just be a matter of few more quarters, may be three-four, before it is overtaken by Jio,” the analyst said, requesting anonymity as he advises many telecom companies.





Abhishek - 10 hours ago -Follow

Vodafone is robbing Indians for years. Glad that Jio is gaining ground in India! good prices, good service. Way better than all of its competitors.


vibrant RealIndia - 8 hours ago -Follow

Jio is better then Airtel and I use both, but wing economist in me makes use only indian companies I will never use vodaphone


Shekar Natesh - Bangalore - 8 hours ago -Follow

Wipe out Airtel as they are the biggest cheats cheating customers


ProdyotPran - 5 hours ago -Follow

Just imagine, two years back the Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Aircel telco mafia cartel tried to loot the helpless users so much that they even charged the customers extra money for accessing apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc.

There were no competition in the market.

They formed a loot cartel to loot the customers.

They deserves to be kicked out of the market altogether.

Good that Jio came in.





Skumar - Chennai - 7 hours ago -Follow

when does ambani gonna jump into school business..? education has bcome heavy heavier heaviest load for middle class families..


Ulhas - Navi Mumbai - 10 hours ago -Follow

Great! Congrats Mukeshji! He's also made mobile telephony and data affordable and pocket friendly.

太棒了!恭喜安巴尼! 是他降低了话费和流量费。

drnarendrajha - 5 hours ago -Follow

Airtel robbed it''s customer when it had its monopoly . Good job Jio


Rabul - New Delhi - 9 hours ago -Follow

nice.....Airtel and Vodafone have been looting us for years ....thanx to jio for screwing them


Harsh Aggarwal - 6 hours ago -Follow

Already the Jio network has started behaving like Airtel...buffering buffering & bufferring. now i know the reason by reading this news article...


Sooraj - 4 hours ago -Follow

Vodafone services has become miserable. Call drops network congestion snail speed many problems like.


Anurag - 4 hours ago -Follow

airtel and voda are useless

no signal in noida

i will shift to Jio


Iron - New Delhi - 10 hours ago -Follow

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